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Dateline: 9 January 2013

Stunning service from Moto Guzzi – a great heritage brand that really does care.

In the summer of 2012 I rode a three year old Moto Guzzi Stelvio from London to Mongolia and back. Although I had four accidents - with the bike sliding down the road on tarmac, cobbles and getting embedded in sand and gravel - during the 13,000 mile journey there were never any engine mechanical problems. Sure, punctures were repaired and spokes replaced, wheels and steering straightened in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. But engine? Nary a beat out of place. 

Punctures in PolandPunctures in Poland

Valve clearance Karaganda

Valve clearance Karaganda

Proving how rugged, reliable and simple the bike is when I needed a service - including valve clearances - I took it to a small bike shop in Karaganda, Kazakhstan owned by Valentin, a member of the brotherhood. I showed him the pdf’d Stelvio manuals on my notebook.
“No problem” he said. And it wasn’t.
And 6,000 miles later in Kiev, Ukraine a Piaggio dealer / custom cycle outfit called changed the fluids, rechecked the valve clearance, plugged the bike into their diagnostics and said “No problems”.
But when I got back to the UK I started to hear a high end rattle from the cylinders.
I took it to the nearest dealer and Head of Spannering, Baldrick the Wise, diagnosed it as a problem with cams and followers. He said the cams and followers were a known problem for some builds of the 2009 Stelvio and there was a recall for a fix two years ago. 
Unfortunately, my bike was not part of that build recall so I would have to pay for parts and labour.
However, Baldrick, being wise, suggested I wrote customer services to see if anything could be done.
So in mid-December I sent a couple of emails. No response.
Just before Christmas, and at the height of the Christmas card deliveries I wrote a proper letter, sent via Her Majesty's Post to Italy, HQ of everything Guzzi.
Nothing. No acknowledgment, nothing. 
And then. 
I had just about given up when this very morning I received an email from Piaggio Customer services in Italy explaining that my letter had been wrongly addressed but it was being forwarded to Piaggio UK. 
About an hour later I had a call from Piaggio UK saying they had contacted my local dealer and the problems with the cams, and two other upgrade recalls, would be sorted free of charge. 
Within the hour Corsa Italiana were on the phone saying they had the authorisation, parts had been ordered and they’d book the bike in as soon as the parts arrived. 
I was stunned.
Even Amazon isn’t this good
I bought the Stelvio because it has unique Italian styling and a better performance, reliability and service record than the BMW GS 1200 range. So I’m doubly pleased that Moto Guzzi, the oldest Italian motorcycle brand in production, treats customer service seriously. 
Great brand, following fine traditions. 
Now we’ll find if the Corsa Italiana dealership are as fast at the repairs as they are to customer service response.
Stay tuned.


  • well what happened

    Posted by neil, 22/08/2015 11:03am (4 years ago)

  • A trip to Mongolia on a Moto Guzzi is the greatest trip of life. Preparing for it.

    Posted by Oana , 13/01/2013 5:18am (6 years ago)

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